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Students can view their progress across all courses for the entire school year.


The vertical line is the pacing line, and it indicates where a student should be today in order to be on track, or on-pace, to complete a given course by the end of the school year. Projects and focus areas to the left of the line are either completed or behind schedule, while all projects and focus areas to the right of the line are upcoming in the school year. Students are free to work on focus areas ahead of time or return to previous focus areas for review at any time.

Note: Projects that have been assigned are sized proportionally, depending on the start and end dates of the projects. For example, a longer project will take up more space than a shorter project. Projects that are unassigned, as well as all focus areas, are spaced equally and are presented at the same width.

Project Colors

  • Blue - The student is on-track to complete the assignment or the project hasn’t been assigned yet.
  • Green - The project has been scored and is complete.
  • Yellow - The project has been assigned and is not due yet, but a checkpoint has received yellow feedback.
  • Red - The project is overdue, a checkpoint has received red feedback, or the final product has been sent back for revision.

Focus Area Colors

  • Blue - Focus area has not been mastered, but student is on-track
  • Green - Focus area is mastered
  • Red - Focus area has not been mastered and is behind the pacing line
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  • Here it is! This graphic needs to be included in the article that discusses how to tell if a student is off or on pace.

  • Hi Leslie, thanks for the great feedback! I have included a link from that article to this one. Let me know if that is the one you had in mind!

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