Student Experience: Projects

As students work on projects, they build towards completing Final Products that demonstrate mastery of cognitive skills. For each project, students will be able to see:

  • Project Info: Identifies what students are learning and why it's important.
  • Cognitive Skills: Allow students to explore the deeper learning, critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills they’ll need to apply throughout the project, with opportunities to receive feedback on their progress.
  • Focus Areas: Provide students with resources to build background Content Knowledge and check for understanding through Content Assessments.
  • Final Product: Allows students to demonstrate their cognitive skills ability.
  • Checkpoints: Help students develop strategies that tie into the Final Product and the cognitive skills on which they'll be evaluated.

For each Checkpoint, students can ask for help or submit them for formative feedback. When students complete their Final Products, they can submit them for feedback and scoring. Students are also able to take back a Final Product that they've submitted if they realize they need to make revisions.

Students who have submitted work will appear under Scoring on their teacher's version of the Project page. Learn more about giving students feedback on checkpoints and scoring Final Products.

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