Viewing Student Grades and Data

This article will cover how to view student grades and specific data on the Platform: 

Where can I find grade-level data?

When you click on Student Progress Views, you can select the appropriate grade level. From there, you can view the following data only for students in that grade level:

  • Number of courses with an incomplete grade
  • Courses with <70% cog skill average
  • Courses with <70% Math Unit average
  • Courses with overdue Projects
  • Focus Area progress

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Where can I find student course data?

You can view students' course data by opening the Students tab of your course. If you do not teach the course, however, you can use the students' Progress page to see their Grading Modal. 

The Grading Modal contains the following data only for students in a specific course:

  • Projected letter grade
  • On or Off-track status
  • Cognitive Skill or Math Concept percentage 
  • Focus Area progress
  • If applicable, Portfolio Problem progress

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Where can I find student Progress Reports?

Teachers can create PDF Progress Reports to send to students and parents/guardians. Note: You can only pull Progress Reports for the day before, so the grades in the reports are always at least one day behind.

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How can I view my student's grades and data from previous years?

If you have a current student that was enrolled as a Summit student in previous years, you can access his or her past grades and data.

To do this:
1. Click the Students tab in your course and then click a student's name.  
2. From the Progress page, click on any course on the right-hand side.
3. Click the drop-down menu by the year.  
4. Select a previous year to view.

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