How do I create math Content Assessment questions?

You can use the rich text editor to create, edit, and format math expressions for Content Assessment questions:

  1. On a Focus Area page, click Create Question under the objective you’d like to add the question to
  2. Select the question type:
    • Multiple Choice: Standard multiple choice questions with one correct answer
    • Check Boxes (Multiple Choice Multiple Correct): Multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer and students will need to identify all answers
    • Explicit Response: Questions where students will need to type in a response
  3. Select whether the question is an Assessment Question or a Diagnostic Question.
  4. Enter your math expression in the box that appears. You’ll see your formatted math expression appear as a preview in the text box
  5. In the lower right corner, click Save Changes to save your Content Assessment question

You can click on a math expression to edit it after it’s been created. Learn more about the syntax you may need to create math expressions.


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