Focus Areas Overview

Focus Areas allow students to build background knowledge on a given subject area. There are 3 types of Focus Areas:


  • Power Focus Areas (Graded and required to complete the course)
  • Additional Focus Areas (Graded but not required to complete the course)
  • Challenge Focus Areas (Ungraded, challenges the student - 0% of student grade)

On a Focus Area page, you'll find information about the Focus Area, Teacher Tools, and Objectives:


  • Focus Area Info: Includes the Overview, the score needed to pass, Key Terms, Standards, the courses it is in, and related projects.
  • Teacher Tools: Indicates whether your Focus Area is ready for students and includes the number of objectives in the Focus Area and the number of questions in Content Assessments, checks for Diagnostic questions and resources, and shows any Content Assessment questions with translations.
  • Objectives: Includes Introductory Materials, Content Assessment questions, and resources (playlists).


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