The Course Page

Courses you teach will be listed in the menu on the left. You can also view courses in the curriculum from the curriculum page.


From a course's Overview, you can see which teachers at your school also teach the same course in the upper right. You can also choose to copy the course or edit the course. You'll also find Projects or Math Units, Focus Areas, and the Cognitive Skills and standards associated with the course. Projects, Math Units, or Focus Areas with Base Updates will have an orange dot to indicate an update.


For each course you teach, you'll also have a Students tab where you can view grades and data for students enrolled in that course, as well as an Assessments tab where you can view any activity related to Focus Area Assessments.

  • Students: Includes letter grades, cognitive skill averages, number of overdue Projects, and Focus Area progress


  • Assessments: Includes assessment requests and current assessment activity


Learn more about working with courses on the Summit Learning Platform.

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