How do I create modified courses?

You can create modified courses for students who may need a modified curriculum. Keep in mind that creating a modified course requires a lot of extra work. In particular, any changes made in the original course don't automatically copy over to the modified course. You must maintain two separate sets of projects and focus areas.

When you modify a course:

  • The Summit Learning Platform lowers cognitive skills expectations by one point
  • You can change content assessment questions and resources in focus areas
  • You can change checkpoints and resources in projects
  • You can change the number of focus areas that a student needs to pass in a given academic year

To create a modified course, submit a help ticket. Once we've helped you create the modified course, it will appear in your courses. Only those students enrolled in the modified course will be able to see it.

To enroll students in a modified course, you'll need to create a separate course in your Student Information System (SIS). Once your SIS syncs with the Summit Learning Platform, enrolled students will appear in the course.

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