Student Experience Overview

The Summit Learning Platform helps students set both short- and long-term goals while tracking progress toward these goals. The platform also helps them prioritize their work, learn content at their own pace, complete deeper learning projects that apply to real-world situations, and reflect on their learning. By tracking students' growth and performance across their entire academic careers, the Summit Learning Platform lets them connect their daily decisions to their long-term aspirations.

The student experience includes:

Tools for Project-Based Learning: Students can set their own long-term goals and connect them to their daily actions.

  • Goals: Students set their own long-term goals and view them alongside their daily and weekly action items
  • Reflections: Students reflect on their results, think about how to improve their approach, and capture what interests them
  • This Year: Students see an overview of all their courses, projects, and focus areas in a year, and choose which focus areas to work on next

Tools for Competency-Based Progression: Students can progress through Playlists of content at their own pace and take Content Assessments on demand.

  • Playlists: Students can take diagnostic assessments to learn how familiar they are with a content area and choose how to focus; they can choose how to use different resources in order to achieve their learning objectives
  • On-Demand Assessments: When students feel they have mastered the content, they can request content assessments and, once their teacher approves, work to complete the test within a 90-minute window of time
  • This Year: Students can see an overview of their whole year in each course, and choose which content to focus on next

 Tools for Self Directed Learning: Learn more about these features

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