How do I print Content Assessments?

You can print Content Assessments for students who may have legal accommodations requiring printed assessments.

  1. From the course page, or from the student's grade level page, click Assessments
  2. Approve the student's Content Assessment request
  3. All students currently taking an assessment will be listed under Activity. Click the Print button and the assessment will open in a new window for you to print
  4. Once the student has completed the printed version of the Content Assessment, click ⋯, then click Enter answers for student. The assessment will open in a new window for you to enter answers
  5. Enter the student’s answers in the online version of the Content Assessment, then click Submit

Keep in mind that you can also add more time for a student to complete his/her assessment. Under Activity on the Assessments page, click ⋯ to the right of the student’s name, then click Add time to add an extra hour for the Content Assessment.

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