How do I approve Content Assessments and Enable Lockdown Browser?

Once a student requests a Content Assessment, you can choose to approve or deny the request:

  1. From a course page, student group page or grade level page, click Assessments.
  2. Under Requests, click Approve or Deny next to a student's assessment request. If you click Approve, your student can begin taking the assessment, once they've signed an honor pledge. You may have to click Deny if it appears that your student won't have enough time to complete the assessment, or if the assessment request has been open for a long time and is now outdated.
  3. (optional) Check Lock browser if you want to enable a lockdown browser for the assessment. Lockdown Browser must be set up at your school.
    Teachers can check/uncheck the Lock browser to turn on/off the lockdown browser.

Once you refresh the page, you can monitor student progress in the Activity section. A student will appear under In Progress while they are taking the assessment. When a student has finished taking the assessment, the student will appear under Completed. You'll have three hours to view assessment responses or to invalidate the assessment. Learn more about invalidating Content Assessments.

Note: When an English Learner (EL) requests a Content Assessment, he/she can request it in either English or Spanish.

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