Approving Content Assessments

How do I approve/deny Content Assessment requests?

Once a student requests a Content Assessment, you can approve or deny the request:

  1. Click the Assessments tab from a course, student group, or grade level page
  2. Under Requests, click Approve or Deny next to a student's Assessment request.
    • (optional) If you Deny the Content Assessment request, you may include a short message explaining why. This message will appear in the student's notifications.


  3. (optional) Check/Uncheck Lock browser if you want to enable/disable this feature for the Assessment. Note: The Assessment Companion extension must be set up at your school. 


Once you refresh the page, you can monitor student progress in the Activity section. A student will appear under In Progress while they are taking the assessment. When a student has finished taking the Assessment, the student will appear under Completed. Learn more about invalidating Content Assessments.

How can I be notified of Content Assessment requests?

To hear incoming Content Assessment requests, you can enable sound alerts for the Assessments page. 


To enable sound alerts:

  1. Click the Assessments tab from a course, student group or grade level page
  2. Check Enable sound alerts for this page 

Note: The sound alerts are automatically disabled when you leave the page. We recommend keeping the Assessment page open or checking to see if the alerts are enabled before students request Assessments. If you want to hear sound alerts for multiple pages, we recommend keeping individual page tabs for those courses or student groups open.

How can I add time to Content Assessments?

If a student needs extra time to take a Content Assessment, you can add time after you approve their Content Assessment request.

To add time:

  1. From the Course page, or from the student's grade level page, click Assessments
  2. Under Requests, click Approve next to your student's Content Assessment request
  3. Wait for the student to begin the assessment. The Assessment should now appear under Activity
  4. Click ⋯, then click Add time next to the student's Assessment


  5. Confirm that you'd like to give the student an extra hour for the Assessment, then click Add Time
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