Providing Checkpoint Feedback

This article will cover how to provide feedback on Checkpoints:

How do I give students feedback on Checkpoints?

As students complete checkpoints, they will submit them for feedback. To give students feedback on checkpoints:

  1. From the Project page, click Feedback
  2. Select a Checkpoint title along the lefthand side. Students who have requested feedback will have a 🔔 Needs Feedback notification
  3. Click on a student’s name to begin providing feedback on the checkpoint
  4. Select a color to provide feedback: Stop and Revise (red), Review Feedback (yellow), or Continue Working (green)
  5. Click Send. If multiple students have submitted checkpoints for feedback, you’ll be transitioned to the next pending student as soon as you click Send
  6. Click the <- arrow in the upper left corner to return to the project page

If you’d like to provide feedback on a given checkpoint for multiple students at a time, click on the checkpoint, then click Bulk Feedback on the right.


How can I view my students' work before they submit it?

Teachers can monitor and access student work before students submit their work on the Summit Learning Platform.

For checkpoints, teachers can view student work under the Feedback tab. On the Feedback Overview, student checkpoint work appears as circles to the right of their name. Final products are indicated with stars. Clicking one of these icons will bring up that student's work.


1. From the Course page, click on the Project
2. From the Feedback Tab, click the Checkpoint icon you'd like to see

To view the work for a single Checkpoint, select a Checkpoint name along the left hand side. Click on a student's name to bring up their work.Project_checkpoint_feedback.jpeg


Teachers can also see all activities and resources for a Checkpoint under the assignment-24px__1_.svg icon in the upper right after opening the Checkpoint document.


Drag Activities and Resources into Notebooks or comments to provide a link to the relevant item!


  1. After opening a student's Checkpoint document, click the  assignment assignment-24px__3_.svg icon in the upper right
  2. A list Activities and Resources assigned to the student under this Checkpoint will appear
  3. Click the Activity name to see the student's progress on the Activity
  4. Drag titles in order to link to them in Notebooks


How do I leave feedback on cognitive skill rubrics?

You can now highlight directly onto a student's rubric as a way to provide better feedback for Checkpoints and Final Products.

From a course:

  1. Click into a Project where a student has requested feedback
  2. Click the Checkpoint or Final Product where feedback has been requested
  3. On the right-hand side, click the name of the student that requested feedback
  4. Click into the rubric
  5. Click on the text or drag across to highlight it. Choose the color highlight you want to leave. Green stands for, "Strong evidence," and purple stands for, "Focus for next time"


All highlights will be seen by students when they receive their feedback. You can edit your highlights anytime by clicking back into the rubric and then either adding more highlights or removing highlights you made earlier.


How do I tag Notebook comments with Cognitive Skills?

Tag comments with Cognitive Skills to indicate to students how they can improve on their skills.

To tag comments with Cognitive Skills:

  1. Highlight the portion of text you'd like to comment on
  2. Click Comment from the toolbar
  3. Select Post to publish your comment
  4. Once your comment is posted, click Select a Skill to choose a relevant Cognitive Skill


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