How do I give students feedback on Checkpoints?

As students complete checkpoints, they will submit them for feedback. To give students feedback on checkpoints:

  1. From the Project page, click Feedback
  2. Select a Checkpoint title along the lefthand side. Students who have requested feedback will have a 🔔 Needs Feedback notification
  3. Click on a student’s name to begin providing feedback on the checkpoint
  4. Select a color to provide feedback: Stop and Revise (red), Review Feedback (yellow), or Continue Working (green)
  5. Click Send. If multiple students have submitted checkpoints for feedback, you’ll be transitioned to the next pending student as soon as you click Send
  6. Click the <- arrow in the upper left corner to return to the project page

If you’d like to provide feedback on a given checkpoint for multiple students at a time, click on the checkpoint, then click Bulk Feedback on the right.

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