Viewing as another user

When understanding student progress and giving meaningful feedback, it’s often helpful to see the Summit Learning Platform exactly as a student sees it.

You can view the platform as a student or as another teacher:

  1. From any screen, click on your name in the lower-left corner
  2. Click View as
  3. Enter the student or teacher's email address, name, or user ID, then click on his/her name
  4. When you're finished viewing as a student or another teacher, click Stop viewing on the bottom right of the page

You can also edit the platform as another teacher. By editing as another teacher, you can perform all of the actions that this teacher could perform. While this may be very useful, keep in mind that it's easy to make unintentional changes that will impact the platform for others. Please be careful what you change when editing as another person

To edit the platform as another teacher:

  1. Follow the instructions above to view the platform as that teacher
  2. Click on View as in the lower left corner from any screen, then click Editing
  3. When you're finished editing as another teacher, Stop editing
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