How do I create Content Assessment and Diagnostic Assessment questions?

Teachers who are Curriculum authors can create their own questions in Focus Areas. Note that if the Focus Area is shared between multiple teachers and courses, the edits will be reflected in all teachers' Focus Areas. 


To create a new question:

  1. From the course page, click into the Focus Area
  2. Under the Questions section of an objective, click Create Question
  3. Select the question type:
    • Multiple Choice: Standard multiple choice questions with one correct answer
    • Check Boxes (Multiple Choice Multiple Correct): Multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer and students will need to identify all answers
    • Explicit Response: Questions where students will need to type in a response
  4. Select whether the question is an Assessment Question or a Diagnostic Question
  5. Enter the Question, as well as the Answers
    • Multiple Choice: Include one correct answer, and select the correct answer on the left, as well as many incorrect answers as you’d like.
    • Check Boxes (Multiple Choice Multiple Correct): Include all correct answers, and select the correct answers on the left, as well as many incorrect answers as you’d like.
    • Explicit Response: Include as many correct answers as you’d like, but students will only need to type in one of the correct answers. Student responses are matched exactly to your correct answer choices, but you can indicate if the correct answer must be case-sensitive.
  6. Add optional Supporting Text
  7. Add optional Supporting Images
  8. Click Save Changes

Learn more about creating math Content Assessment questions.

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