Student Experience: Goals

Students can view both their long-term goals and goals for the year, as well as any upcoming (or incomplete) action items that they've added. The same goals are also displayed in the College section, while action items are also displayed in the Current section of the Dashboard. Goals are displayed in the Summit Learning Platform in a format designed to help students connect their everyday, concrete actions to larger goals. For example, a student will be able to connect his/her long-term goal of "I will earn an A- in Biology" with the goal for the year being "Complete all power, additional and challenge focus areas", with an action item to complete the focus area "Natural Selection & Speciation".

Students will need to set their goals in the College section. College goals and grade goals will appear under Long-Term Goals, while strategies to earn these grades and scores will appear under Goals for This Year.

Tips for managing student goals:

  • Students may set fewer goals in the College section so that their Goals section is more manageable. If you find that a student isn’t planning in relation to many of their yearly goals, you might suggest that they go back to the College section and pick only the goals that are most important to them.
  • During weekly check-ins, you might encourage students to set short-term goals that directly relate to their goals for the year.
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