How do I assign Projects?

Once you've created a Project, you can assign it to any or all of your students:

  1. From the Project page, click Assign Project.
  2. If you teach multiple sections, specify the section you’d like to assign the Project to in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the start date and due date for the Project.
  4. Select which students you’ll be assigning the Project to.
    • Click Assign All to automatically assign the Project to all students in the section, or check the box to the right of a student’s name to individually assign the Project to a student.
    • Once you’re done assigning the Project to selected students, click Next: Assign Checkpoints.
  5. Select checkpoints to assign to students. The selected checkpoint will be highlighted in light blue.
    • You can either Assign All students to a checkpoint, or you can check the box to the right of a student’s name to individually assign the checkpoint to students.
    • You can also Assign Group to assign students by their scores in relevant cognitive skills.
  6. Select activities and resources to assign to students. The selected activities and resources will be highlighted in light blue.
    • Follow the same guidance as above to assign activities and resources to students.
    • Keep in mind that assigning a checkpoint does not automatically assign nested activities and resources.
  7. Click Save. To return to the Project’s overview page, click X in the upper right corner.


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