Platform Ambassador Program Overview

In this article, you can find essential information about the Platform Ambassador Program.

Who are the Platform Ambassadors?

A group of passionate and forward-thinking educators who want to get the most out of the Summit Learning platform. Platform Ambassadors have a deep understanding of the Summit Learning platform and love to share their expertise with other teachers at their schools.

What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

We learn together and from each other. We share our successes and lessons learned. Our stories and experiences may be exactly what another Ambassador may need. So share your ideas and build on the ideas of others.

We share our knowledge. Help teachers to build platform fluency and make the best use of the Summit Learning platform. Share new platform updates and training opportunities with our colleagues.

What are the perks of being a Platform Ambassador?

As a Platform Ambassador, you'll

  • earn professional development certificates for each training and a certificate of program completion at the end of the school year.
  • expand your platform knowledge.
  • join a community of educators in our Facebook group to share and discuss best practices.
  • receive specialized Summit Learning platform training and materials.

How are we going to support your work?

  • Bimonthly Platform Tips: Twice a month you can expect to receive slides with a helpful tip for the platform. These slides are accessible for Platform Ambassadors to share out with teachers at their schools. View all the current platform tips slides here.
  • Emails with important information: Check your email for information about Platform Ambassador Program training, professional development certificates, platform tips, and other announcements. 
  • Facebook engagements and updates: Check the Platform Ambassador Facebook to collaborate with other platform Ambassadors, ask questions, and receive announcements. 

How should I support my teachers at my school?

This program enables teachers to adjust their time commitment to the school's needs. At a minimum, Platform Ambassadors participating in the program will be asked to:

  • Attend a total of 3 trainings throughout the school year: Orientation (B2S), Fall (Oct-Dec), and Spring (Mar-Apr).
  • Be able to answer basic technical questions related to the platform from teachers at their school site.
  • Share useful materials provided by the Platform Ambassadors Team with the teachers at your school.

An example of a strong implementation would be, in addition to the minimum requirements, the Platform Ambassador becomes the go-to person for all platform questions at their school. This platform Ambassador not only shares the materials provided but adapts the templates and resources to the specific needs of their school and provides additional live training to teachers—especially new teachers.


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