Tools available in Notebooks

Summit Learning platform Notebooks include tools that can help you and your students create work on the platform. Click into any editable Notebook, and you'll find these features:



  • Add header (H1, H2, H3) formatting
  • Bold, underline, and italicize text
  • Add a hyperlink; you may also copy and paste links into a Notebook
  • Strikethrough text
  • Change the font style
  • Adjust the font size



  • Apply six different shades of highlight to selected text
  • Remove highlight from a portion of text



  • Left align, center align, right align, and justify
  • Create an ordered list
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Adjust line spacing
  • Left indent, right indent, hanging indent



  • An image file
  • A math equation
  • A table: Click on the icon to pre-select table dimensions before inserting the table.
  • A line break
  • A Youtube video
  • A Drawing
  • A Bookmark

How do I use accessibility tools?

Text-to-Speech and Voice Typing tools are built into every Notebook.


  1. Open a student Notebook
  2. Click Tools in the upper right
  3. Select Text-to-Speech
  4. Highlight the text you want to be read aloud
  5. Click the text-to-speech icon to listen to the text

Voice Typing

Please have your School leader submit a help ticket to enable this feature at your school.

  1. Open a student Notebook
  2. Click Tools in the upper right
  3. Select Voice Typing
  4. Place your mouse in the desired place on the Notebook
  5. Click the microphone button to begin recording speech
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