Requirements for Parent Account Passwords

To ensure our platform is secure, we require parent account use strong passwords (passwords that meet certain requirements). These apply when setting your initial password and when resetting your password. 

Parent account password requirements

To meet the platform’s security requirements, make sure your password:

  1. Is longer than 10 characters
  2. Does not match parts of your username (e.g. do not use ‘username123’)
  3. Is not considered a common password (common passwords are easy to guess passwords, such as "password" or "abc123") 

When creating or resetting your password, please do not use:

  • Personal information in your password such as phone numbers, birthdays, etc.
  • Common words such as “password”, “iloveyou”, etc.
  • Sequences such as ”abcd1234”, or keyboard sequences like “qwerty”.
  • Reuse passwords across websites. Your platform account password should be unique.

If you are having difficulty setting a unique password, please contact us.

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