Pilot School Data Dashboard

The Summit Learning platform is piloting a new design of the School Data Dashboard. The intent of the redesign is to simplify navigation, making it easier for School Leaders to see their school data trends to support teaching and learning. Check out some ways you can use the dashboard for your school!

Currently only a few schools are part of this pilot, but we are looking to expand it to all schools after we gather feedback and make further improvements. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by submitting a Help Ticket.   

What's the pilot dashboard?

The pilot dashboard is redesigned so the most important metrics stand out and are easier to access. You will be able to find the same metrics as in the old Dashboard but with fewer clicks. Some key changes: 

  • New navigation tabs at the top that will help you quickly find data at the School Level (Home), Grade, Teacher, Mentor or Course.  
  • Student Outcomes and Implementation Practices metrics are now next to each other across the dashboard. We hope that having these two sources of data at the top of the page lets you more easily connect the dots between implementation and outcomes.

New Navigation Tabs Screen_Shot_2021-03-08_at_9.21.39_AM.png


New School Data Dashboard Design 



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Pilot School Data Dashboard? 

The location of the dashboard is not changing.  To get to the pilot dashboard, any admin on the platform can click “Educator Tools” and then click “School Data”.

Why am I not seeing the Pilot dashboard? 

Only users with an admin role that are in the School Data Pilot can see the new Dashboard. 

If you received an email notification about the pilot and still can’t see the Dashboards go to the Summit Learning Platform → Educator Tools → school data dashboard. 

Note: Clicking a pre-existing URL in your browser could be taking  you to the old dashboard. 

Is there a way to go back to the original dashboard? 

Yes. In the top right section of the dashboard you will find a button that will allow you to switch between dashboards. 


What is the difference between the Mentor tab at  the top navigation bar and the Mentoring tile in the home page? 

The Mentor tab at the top navigation bar will provide you with data of student outcomes by Mentor.  Click in the percentage that you are interested to drill down to get the student list. 

Mentor Tab 

Student List 


The Mentoring tile in the home page will give you an overview of how mentoring is being implemented at the school level. You can click on View Details to get information about goal  setting and check-ins. 


Are there any known limitations in the Pilot Dashboard?

We know that there are some views within the original dashboard that are not part of the pilot dashboard. Those views are: 

  • Site Overview by Teacher - View Teacher Course Details
  • Project-Based Learning by Teacher - View Teacher Details
  • Project-Based Learning by Course - View Course Details
  • Self-Directed Learning by Teacher - View Teacher
  • Self-Directed Learning by Course - View Course

In the original dashboard, school leaders could sort metrics in ascending or descending order. This is not yet possible in the Pilot Dashboard. 

The Summit Platform Team is working to incorporate those views and functionalities soon. Even with the listed limitations,  we believe the new dashboard will allow you to find information in an easier way! 

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