Where can I preview upcoming cognitive skills within a project?

On the Projects Overview page, teachers can get a summary of the specific cognitive skills that students will practice during different stages of a project. This means teachers can see at a glance the specific Checkpoint(s) or Final Product(s) where students can develop each cognitive skill. This information can help teachers plan instruction so that students get targeted support on specific skills at the right stage of a project.

These are some of the ways you might use this information:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of how students work to progress in each skill throughout the project
  • Identify the key Checkpoint(s) when specific students will need cognitive skills support, based on data
  • Plan specific cognitive skills supports for upcoming lessons based on when those skills are practiced during a project
  • Introduce or re-practice a skill at the right moment during a project

Where can I find the upcoming skills growth opportunities?

  1. Go to your project page
  2. Click the Overview tab
  3. Scroll down to the Cognitive Skills section
  4. Click Skill growth opportunities to expand the table 2021-02-23_at_11.30_AM.png
  5. Now you’ll see the opportunities students have to practice each skill 2021-02-23_at_11.33_AM.png

Note: Hovering over a checkpoint number allows you to see the cognitive skills practiced within that stage of the project. Clicking on a Checkpoint number or Final Product star, lets you see the name of the activity.

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