How do I change calculator settings on an assessment?

To change calculator settings on an assessment:

1. Click into a Focus Area you want to make changes to 
2. Click Edit Focus Area
3. Click into the Calculator drop-down menu and choose the option you want for the given Focus Area

Information about each setting:

  • Calculator not relevant- The default setting for Focus Areas that have no need for a calculator (ie an English Focus Area).
  • No Calculator allowed- This setting should be used for math or science Focus Areas that explicitly do not allow Calculators.  When this setting is chosen, a Content Assessment will have a grey warning bar on the top indicating calculators are not allowed.
  • Four-function calculator allowed- A four-function calculator performs the basic arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Scientific calculator allowed- For more information on the Scientific calculator, click here.
  • Graphic calculator allowed- For more information on the Graphic calculator, click here.
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