The Science of Summit

What is this resource about?

The Science of Summit is a groundbreaking, 70-page white paper 15 years in the making. The Science of Summit is our effort to share what we believe about young people, about the promise of public education, and about principles for school design rooted in the science of learning. The paper takes a deep dive into the research behind our four outcomes: Cognitive Skills, Content Knowledge, Habits of Success, and Sense of Purpose. It also introduces the Aligned School Model Framework, six steps for designing a school model that consistently and reliably predicts success for all students when implemented effectively.

How might one use this resource?

This lengthy white paper is a good resource to share with parents and community members who want to dive deeper into the research behind Summit Learning.

Link to resource: The Science of Summit - Summit’s whitepaper about the research behind Summit Learning and our student outcomes

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