Summit Learning Assistive Technology Resources

What is this resource about?

This resource is an evolving document which provides educators with assistive technology apps and extensions which have been vetted to work with the Summit Learning Platform. 

How might one use this resource?

Although each resource has been vetted, it's likely that you will still find erros and functionality issues. The reason for this is while these extensions work in a controlled environment, each district and, at times school, has slightly different internet operating guidelines which may prevent some access. In addition, there are some resources which may not work in the intended way (e.g. text to speech for a PDF due to PDFs being an image vs text).

When considering using this resource, be sure to confirm if students are able to download extensions and apps in your district / school.

Finally, embedded in the resource is a form to submit additional apps / extensions you've found useful. Please utilize this form in order to continue building out this bank.

Link to resourceSummit Learning Assistive Technology Resources

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