Student Collaboration Overview

The Student Collaboration feature is designed to encourage collaboration among students by helping students identify qualified peers that can help them reach mastery in their focus areas.

How The Feature Works

A student receives the option to help others after he/she masters a content assessment with the following criteria:

    1. passes within 3 attempts
    2. receives a 9/10 on the content assessment
    3. is not off track in the focus areas in that course

When this happens, the student will see a message that asks if he/she is ‘available to help’ in that focus area in the future.

  1. If the student agrees, his/her name is added to a list of ‘students available to help’ that will be visible for all other students in that student’s section when they access the same focus area. 
  2. Students who have made themselves available to help can later ‘turn off’ their availability by unchecking a box in their focus area. Students can change their status at any time. 
  3. Students have the ability, after they successfully complete the relevant content assessment, to send ‘thanks’ to the students who have helped them and to choose from a list of helpful activities. This will encourage students to reflect on how they were helped, will provide feedback to the student who helped, and will also provide visibility to the mentor on their collaboration. 
  4. When a student ‘thanks’ another student, that activity will show up on the ‘progress’ page of the receiving student, visible to both students and to student mentors or teachers.
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