Where can I find student goals?

Goals allows teachers or mentors to view student goals for any given day.  You can view student goals by course or by student group.

When you click Goals, you will see boxes with students’ names in it.  Under their name will be the goals students have set for that day.

You can customize the goals you see by:

  • Clicking the left or right arrows in the top right to look at student’s past and future goals.  Clicking Today will bring it back to the current date.
  • (From a course) Clicking on the All Sections drop-down menu to view students’ goals for all sections or a specific section.
  • (From a course) Filtering students’ goals by “Goals for this Course” or “Goals for all Courses” in the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand side.

To access goals for a course:

  1. Click a course.
  2. Click on Goals.

To access goals for a student group: 

  1. Click Student Groups
  2. Click on Goals.
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