How do I share an observation?

There are 3 ways to share an observation.

Share from Overview

    1. Click the button that says “Share with [their name]”

Share from Observation Flow

    1. Start a new observation
    2. Click review once your done with the observation. You should be on the summary page
    3. Click the “Share with [Name]” button in the upper right hand corner
    4. Click “Finish & Share”
    5. Find the observation on the Observation History page to confirm that the observation has been shared

Share from Observation History

    1. Click on the observation that you would like to share. You should be taken to a summary page of the observation
    2. In the upper right hand corner of the summary page you will see a button that says Share with [Name]
    3. Click the Share with [Name] button and read the prompt
    4. Click Finish & Share on the prompt once you are ready to share the observation

You should be taken back to your Observation Overview page automatically


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