How do I support my student if he or she is off track on Content Assessments?

If your student is off-track for Content Assessments in a course:

  • Ask your child to show you how and where they take notes to prepare for their Content Assessments. Students should work on note-taking and practice for Content Assessments outside of school. Ask the student if they have taken notes on every Power Focus Area Objective.
  • Ask them if they took the Diagnostic Exam for the Power Focus Area. If yes, ask them which objectives they need to refocus on and study more before taking the Content Assessment again.
  • Check if there are any Content Assessments your child has attempted but not passed in the Year section on the platform. If your student is attempting Content Assessments, but not passing them, encourage them to strategy shift and reflect on what study techniques work well for them.
  • Ask your student if they have you used all resources to help them pass this Power Focus Area?
  • Ask your student if they have a friend who has passed it and can help?
  • They also may want to reach out to their teacher for additional support.
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