How do I support my student if he or she is off-track in a Project?

If your student has overdue or incomplete Projects in a course:

You can check a Project’s due date by hovering over the Project on the “Year” tab.


  • What is your plan to complete the Project Checkpoints or Final Products this week?
  • How are you incorporating teacher feedback?
    • You can see teacher feedback by clicking a Project on the “Year” tab. Click on any Checkpoint and then into the actual assignment document to see student progress and teacher feedback.
  • What Checkpoints are giving you the most difficulty?
  • What cognitive skills do you have to learn in order to complete this Checkpoint?
  • What resources and lessons have your teacher shared to help you learn this cognitive skill that you can revisit?
  • What additional Office Hours opportunities can you attend to get direct support from your teacher? 



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