How do I use the Summit Learning Platform to support my student?

The Summit Learning Platform recognizes and values every student and seeks to support them in realizing their full potential. It allows every student to have a personalized learning experience because it is catered to each individual student’s goals, aspirations, and dreams. Based on where a student wants to be, go and do when they leave Summit, we work with the student to create a road map to help them get there.

The Summit Learning Platform is your student’s online dashboard for setting goals and tracking progress towards those goals. As a parent, the Summit Learning Platform will help you support your student’s academic success and college readiness at home. If you would like to see anything - from your student’s current assigned work to a yearlong view of their progress, you can find that all online.

We encourage parents to check the platform weekly to understand:

  1. The current projects your student is working on and whether your student is completing projects on time
  2. Your student’s cognitive skill performance and whether he/she is on-track to meet his/her individual goals
  3. Your student’s pace of passing content assessments and whether he/she is on-track to meet his/her individual goals

When you enter your student’s platform dashboard, you will see everything your student sees.

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