How do I create Mentor Sections?

Mentor sections help you view your mentor students in one data view. To create a mentor section:

  1. Click on the Setup section from the menu on the left.
  2. Click Sections.
  3. Click Add Section.
  4. Under Subject select Mentor. Type the name of the section. Click Next.
  5. Under What course are your teaching? select Mentor. Click Save.

To add students to mentor sections:

  1. Click the edit icon next to the section name.
  2. Click the Students button.
  3. Under Add Students to this Section, enter your students' names.
  4. Click the confirmation button.


Alternatively, you can also have students enroll in mentor sections with enrollment codes. To view the mentor section you just created and begin adding students, click on the Setup section from the menu on the left, then click Sections. You'll find a Signup Code for each section. Once you share the signup code with your students:

  1. Make sure that your students are logged into their Google Apps for Education or One Drive accounts. Instruct your students to go to: your students enter the signup code, then click Join Class.
  2. You'll see your students listed on the Students section from the menu on the left.
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