MAP Testing

The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth Reading and Math assessments are important, computer-adaptive tests given twice to measure our students’ reading and math skills. MAP has a high degree of validity and reliability, and has been nationally-normed with thousands of students across the country--allowing performance comparisons with same-age peers.

Summit Learning asks for the MAP Growth Assessment to be taken at least twice a year, ideally in the fall and spring. The potential testing windows as dictated by NWEA MAP can be found below:

  • Fall: 8/15 through 11/30
  • Winter: 12/01 through 2/28 (2/29 on leap years)
  • Spring: 3/1 through 6/15
  • Summer: 6/16 through 8/14

Why does Summit use MAP?

MAP data allows us to see student academic growth on a nationally-normed test.

Across the country, districts and states have many different ways of assessing their students and schools have told us that they would like to better understand the correlation between progress in Summit Learning and progress on other assessments.

Summit uses our MAP data to give schools and districts further insight as well as to inform decisions about improvements to the Program.

How do I order MAP?

To order MAP, visit

The assessment that should be ordered is the MAP Growth assessment. This applies to all grade levels.

To learn more about the MAP Growth assessment, visit


How should I administer MAP testing?

Before Testing

  1. (Action needed) Tech Setup Logistics: You will need to set aside about an hour to complete the setup and roster upload.
    a. *Share this with your district tech team: NWEA System and Bandwidth Requirements
    b. NWEA Setup Checklist and Roster Upload Info
    c. NWEA Setup Website
  2. (Recommended Action) Parent Communication:
    a. NWEA Parent Guide to MAP Growth Assessment
            i. Links to translated Parent Guides
    b. Sample parent letter introducing MAP
  3. (Inform only) Context:
    a. NWEA MAP Growth Assessment Fact Sheet
    b. NWEA MAP Growth Overview and Testing Best Practices

Day of Test

  1. Create a Proctor Schedule with at least 1 roamer per grade level
        a. Note: The BEST assessment results have occurred when the following is true:
             i. Students are able to finish each test in one consecutive 90-minute session
             ii. Students take one assessment per day.
  2. Proctors setup class arrangement to support testing
  3. Setup all classrooms with necessary testing information (test session name, password, etc) on the board
  4. Take attendance and note absent students for make-up testing.
  5. Make sure every students’ computer is charged and is working
  6. PUMP UP students with scripted language from shared Google slides presentation (Roamer has put session name and password in presentation)
  7. Get kids started! 

During Test

  1. Teacher circulates
  2. Teacher communicates with Roamer regarding test issues or if teacher needs break
  3. When student finishes test, have student show teacher score to do a quick comparison with previous test score.

Monitoring Test Completion

  • Use the “Students without Valid Test Results” report to monitor which students still need to finish their tests.
    1. After logging into the MAP system, go to View Reports -> Operational Reports
    2. Click the Students Without Valid Test Results link
    3. Choose the appropriate filters

The report updates nightly so if a student finished their test today he/she will still appear on the list.

Important Resources for Day of Testing


After Testing

  1. (Action required) Data Upload
    Instructions for Exporting Results and Uploading to Summit Learning
  2. Data Analysis - more to come!
    Understanding the MAP Dashboard in the Platform


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