How should I administer MAP testing?

Before Testing


  • Review this document (or forward it to your tech people).  It contains details about technical specifications and supported devices for MAP.

Rostering & System Setup

  • It takes a few hours to get setup in MAP for the very first time.  Full directions can be found on the MAP help website.

Scheduling Testing

  • We recommend giving the Math and Reading tests three times during the year.
  • Testing windows:
    • Fall: The recommended testing window is in the first 6 weeks of school.
    • Winter: We find it most effective to give the test in December, which allows us to use the data to plan interventions and schedule changes for January.
    • Spring: The recommended testing window is during the last 6 weeks of school.

Day of Testing

  • Summit generally allows 90 minutes for the majority of students to finish a single test.  You may want to extend this by 15-30 minutes for your first time testing as both students and teachers become familiar with the system.
  • The MAP is untimed, and some students will take over the time you allot.  (These students will actually tend to be your higher performing students.)  These students’ tests can be suspended and finished at a later time.
  • We usually find that it is easier on teachers and scheduling if all students test at the same time, assuming you have the devices and internet bandwidth to support this.
  • Summit finds it helpful to have a quick proctor guide available for the day of testing.  You can find it here: Summit’s sample proctoring instructions for the day of testing
  • We suggest copying this document and making edits to fit your school and situation before sending to your team.

 Proctoring Tips

  • It’s very important that you do at least a little bit of preparation for students before the day of testing.  In our experience, student performance suffers when they are not forewarned about MAP.
    • Some students are distracted by the loss of routine.
    • Students interpret the lack of preparation as a lack of investment in the test, and put in less effort.
    • This preparation is usually a 5 minute presentation/pump-up that explains rationale and testing structure.
    • Sample Presentations that Summit has used to prepare students
  • We also recommend that you provide some notification to parents that you will be administering the MAP test.
    • Sample parent communication: This document includes parent newsletters that Summit Public Schools has sent to our parents. One of the sample e-mails  is “MAP & Testing”. Feel free to take and modify the text to share with your parents.
  • It is very important that you have a practice proctoring run through with your teachers before testing.  This will save you a mountain of e-mails and confusion on the day of testing.

 After Testing

  • MAP Instructions about this
  • After you’ve completed your testing, you will need to close your testing window.
  • A very simple way to do this is via setting the calendar dates: Directions
  • If you are testing outside the recommended windows, you will want to adjust the “Weeks of Instruction” in the MAP system.
    • Directions (specifically step 7)
    • This will be helpful, as it will adjust MAP’s expectations for your students’ growth.
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