How should I administer MAP testing?

The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth Reading and Math assessments are important, computer-adaptive tests given twice to measure our students’ reading and math skills. MAP has a high degree of validity and reliability, and has been nationally-normed with thousands of students across the country--allowing performance comparisons with same-age peers.

Summit Learning asks for the MAP Growth Assessment to be taken at least twice a year, ideally in the fall and spring. The potential testing windows as dictated by NWEA MAP can be found below:

  • Fall: 8/15 through 11/30
  • Winter: 12/01 through 2/28 (2/29 on leap years)
  • Spring: 3/1 through 6/15
  • Summer: 6/16 through 8/14

Before Testing
On Testing Day
After Testing
FAQ/Troubleshoot Common Issues 

Before Testing

  1. (Action needed) Tech Setup Logistics: You will need to set aside about an hour to complete the setup and roster upload.
    a. *Share this with your district tech team: NWEA System and Bandwidth Requirements
    b. NWEA Setup Checklist and Roster Upload Info
    c. NWEA Setup Website
  2. (Recommended Action) Parent Communication:
    a. NWEA Parent Guide to MAP Growth Assessment
            i. Links to translated Parent Guides
    b. Sample parent letter introducing MAP
  3. (Inform only) Context:
    a. NWEA MAP Growth Assessment Fact Sheet
    b. NWEA MAP Growth Overview and Testing Best Practices

Day of Test

  1. 1. Create a Proctor Schedule with at least 1 roamer per grade level
        a. Note: The BEST assessment results have occurred when the following is true:
             i. Students are able to finish each test in one consecutive 90-minute session
             ii. Students take one assessment per day.
  2. Proctors setup class arrangement to support testing
  3. Setup all classrooms with necessary testing information (test session name, password, etc) on the board
  4. Take attendance and note absent students for make-up testing.
  5. Make sure every students’ computer is charged and is working
  6. PUMP UP students with scripted language from shared Google slides presentation (Roamer has put session name and password in presentation)
  7. Get kids started! 

During Test

  1. Teacher circulates
  2. Teacher communicates with Roamer regarding test issues or if teacher needs break
  3. When student finishes test, have student show teacher score to do a quick comparison with previous test score.

Monitoring Test Completion

  • Use the “Students without Valid Test Results” report to monitor which students still need to finish their tests.
    1. After logging into the MAP system, go to View Reports -> Operational Reports
    2. Click the Students Without Valid Test Results link
    3. Choose the appropriate filters

The report updates nightly so if a student finished their test today he/she will still appear on the list.

Important Resources for Day of Testing

After Testing:

  1. (Action required) Data Upload
    1. Instructions for Exporting Results and Uploading to Summit Learning
  2. Data Analysis - more to come!
    1. Understanding the MAP Dashboard in the Platform
  3. Parent Communication
    1. Sample parent letter sharing scores


FAQ / Troubleshooting Common Issues:

  • Running Multiple Test sessions simultaneously:
    • You need a different login for each test session you are running simultaneously.  Usually, this means one login per grade level testing.
    • A single browser can only be logged into MAP once.  If you’re running multiple sessions by yourself, the easiest thing to do is usually to open Chrome, Firefox, and/or IE (one per session).  You can also use incognito Chrome windows.
    • Multiple people can be logged into the same login.  For example, if the 9th graders are testing in two different rooms, with Diane proctoring one room and Sam proctoring the other, Diane and Sam could both login as proctorsummit to run the same test session.
    • A particular test session can only be opened by one login at a time.  So in the above example, it would not work for Diane to use proctorsummit and Sam to use his personal login.
  • If many students are starting tests at the same time, starting the testing sessions may take some time as everyone competes for network resources. This is expected.

  • A blank screen sometimes appears instead of a test question 
    In rare instances, a blank (white) screen appears instead of a test question while a student is taking a test.

1st: Pause and resume the student’s test. (This worked almost every time)
At the proctor computer:
a. Select the student by checking the box next to his/her name (can do multiple names if needed).
b. From the Action drop-down list, select Pause, and then click Go.
c. Select the student again, select Resume from the Action menu, and click Go.
2nd: Refresh the student’s screen by pressing f5.  
Wait two minutes after refreshing to let a test question load.
3rd: Suspend the student's test, close the testing browser, and test again
a. At the proctor computer, select the student.
b. From the Action drop-down list, select Suspend, and then click Go.
c. Select the student, select Test Again, and click Go.
d. At the student computer, click OK in response to the stopped test message.
e. Close the testing browser by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Q.
f. Reopen the testing browser.
g. Help the student join and sign in to the testing session again.
h. Confirm the student at the proctor computer
i. When prompted, choose to Resume or Continue the test.  (NOTE: Kids get anxious about having to do the whole test again - let them know that when you click Continue, it will return them to the question they were on when the error appeared.)

  • Confirmation for student to begin testing does not appear
    Occasionally, a student is left waiting and cannot begin testing, even though the proctor has confirmed the student from the Test Students page.
    • Follow the workarounds above (options 1 and 3)
  • Student tests may not be suspended after 30 minutes of inactivity
    If a student stops testing and you do not pause, suspend, or terminate the student's test, it is possible that the system may not automatically suspend the student's test.
    • Workaround: Suspend student tests in progress from the Test Students page before you close the testing session.
  • Student's name does not appear on the list, and they are in the test session
    This happens when the proctor confirms the student, and then the window closes on the student.
    1) Check their status on the proctor screen.
    2) If status = Confirmed:
    Select them, then go to the top, select action, Do Not Confirm.
    3) If Status = Testing:
    Select them, go to top, select action, Suspend.
    Then, select them again, select action, Test Again.
  • If you need to give two different tests to the same kid back to back
    If everyone in the testing session is finished with the first test, just end the first session and start the second.
    If some kids finish and others haven’t, here’s what you should do:  in the first session, choose the students who are finished (their status should say Completed).  Go to the drop down and select “Test Again.” This will change their status to “Awaiting Student”
    The student should now be able to login to the second test session and start the second test.  DO NOT HAVE THEM LOGIN TO THE FIRST SESSION AGAIN! This may erase their old test, which I’m sure we don’t want.
  • A student is booted from Google (logged out of the computer).
    • Relogin
    • Sometimes, the lockdown browser will not automatically load.  If this is the case, type in the following web addres: or
  • Student enrolls on the day of testing:
    • The student will not be able to test on the first day of enrollment. S/he will be able to test the following day.
    • In order for this to happen, the district operations team or school leader will need to add the student to the testing roster as soon as possible so the student can take the test as early as the following day.
  • Student is not new, but is not in test session:
    • Select “Manage Test Sessions” and search for ‘All Proctors’ in Created By
    • Highlight the session and click Edit Session
    • Search for student.  The search in MAP is very picky.  I suggest typing just the first 3-5 letters of the last name followed by an asterisk or using the student ID.
    • Also note, that MAP uses legal name.  This may be different than the name the student goes by.
    • Add the student.
    • If you cannot find the student through this method, follow the process above under “Student enrolls on the day of testing”, and the Data OPS team will add the student for you.
  • Student(s) un-enroll(s) but is in the test session:
    • Select “Manage Test Sessions” and search for ‘All Proctors’ in Created By
    • Highlight the session and click Edit Session
    • Find the student(s) in the Student List, use the filters to make it easier
    • Check the box to the left of their name(s)
    • At the top of the Student List select ‘Remove Students from List’


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