How do I roll over to the next academic year?

Why Do I Need to Rollover My School Year?

Until you roll over your school year, you won’t be able to set up your Platform for the next academic year. We recommend rolling over your platform at least two weeks before the first day of school to give your staff time to make sure everything is ready for students when they start.

By rolling over your school year, you’ll be able to:

  • See the Technical Launch checklist
  • Add in your school’s key dates
  • Set up your new students and sections 

You can learn more about Back to School setup in our Technical Take-Home Guide here.

What Happens During a School Year Rollover?

During the school year rollover, we completely refresh your site to prepare your site for the next school year. That involves archiving all your sections and unenrolling all of your students from the Platform.

Once your school year's been rolled over:

  • All student grades from the current year will be frozen. Before initiating the rollover, please make sure all teachers have finished grading, including those doing Extended Year.
  • Teachers will not be able to view any student data from this year. This includes course grades; focus area progress, assessment attempts, and masteries; and project grades and progress. In order to see a returning student's’ data, you will need to re-enroll your students via sign-up codes or re-sync your SIS with Clever. (You will still be able to see all the courses your teachers created / modified in the previous year). Admins will be able to download grades from previous years. 

How do I roll over to the next academic year?

Once your teachers have finished grading and those grade reports are downloaded for your records, you are ready to roll over to the next academic year. 

To roll over to the next year:

  1. From the Setup page, click on the Settings card. In the section titled "School year" click "Go to next year." Be sure that you have made sure teachers have finished grading and that you've exported all relevant grade reports



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