How do I share MAP data with Summit?

Section 1:  Download your NWEA MAP data

In order to complete the following steps, you must be an Assessment Coordinator under MAP.

Step 1:  Downloading the data.

  1. Go to and login with your credentials.
  2. In the left navigation pane, select View Reports > MAP Reports
  3. From the menu of reports, choose Data Export SchedulerOR
  4. On the data Export Scheduler page:
    1. Select Enable
    2. For Frequency, select One-Time.
    3. For Term, select Fall 2017-2018.
    4. For Export Type, select Combined Data File.

Step 2:  Retrieving the Export

After processing, you can return to View Reports > MAP Reports > Data Export Scheduler to retrieve the export.  

Tip: If the download does not appear to be updated, try clearing your browser cache.

For descriptions of exported data, open this spreadsheet: Data Export Field Descriptions


Section 2:  Upload your NWEA MAP data

Upload your NWEA MAP data to our secure website.

Step 1:  Upload the file to this Dropbox folder.

  1. Click on this link or copy and paste into a new tab on your browser.
  2. Select Choose from computer and select the file located on your computer.  Click open.
  3. Select Upload.
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