Platform Scavenger Hunt

Can you figure out how to perform all of these actions in the platform? Use and the help button in the platform to figure it out!

Preparing for students: curriculum

  1. Create a course from scratch
  2. Select & use a course from the curriculum library
  3. Add Projects and focus areas to your curriculum
  4. Create a new Project and fill it with Projects and focus areas
  5. Add a checkpoint, remove a checkpoint, add a cog skill, and remove two cog skills from an existing Project
  6. Add an objective to a focus area, copy an objective from one focus area to another, and add resources to an objective
  7. Create a math Content Assessment question
  8. Search for a Content Assessment question for your biology course

Preparing for students: data analysis

  1. Find students who have incomplete grades. Figure out what’s causing their incomplete(s)
  2. Find students who need small-group remediation on a focus area
  3. Find students who need to attend a cog skills workshop
  4. Export student grades

Project time

  1. Assign a Project to students
  2. Update a checkpoint doc after you’ve assigned it to students
  3. Give checkpoint feedback to students
  4. Score a Final Product

Self Directed Learning time

  1. Approve a student’s Content Assessment
  2. Print a Content Assessment
  3. Add time to a Content Assessment
  4. Invalidate a Content Assessment

Mentor time

  1. Check a student’s grades
  2. Leave a note for your mentee
  3. Write a private note about a student
  4. View a student’s progress in math only
  5. View goals that your mentee sent last week
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