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The Summit Learning Platform helps students set both short and long-term goals while tracking progress toward these goals. The Platform also helps them prioritize their work, learn content at their own pace, complete deeper learning Projects that apply to real-world situations, and reflect on their learning. By tracking students' growth and performance across their entire academic careers, the Summit Learning Platform lets them connect their daily decisions to their long-term aspirations.  

The student experience includes:

  • Week: Students set their own long-term goals and view them alongside their daily and weekly action items
  • Year: Students see an overview of all their courses, Projects, and focus areas in a year, and choose which focus areas to work on next
  • ProgressStudents can view everything they recently accomplished, the goals they’ve set, a summary of their grades, and can receive notes from mentors and teachers
  • College: Students can set long-term goals for the types of colleges they'd like to attend, as well as goals for the year related to each aspect of their college application 

Want to play around with the Demo? Go to and use this anchor guide to direct your experience.

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