Should I use Clever or Sign-Up Codes for Enrollment?

The Summit Learning Platform offers two options for enrolling students and creating course sections:

  1. Schools can sync their Student Information System (SIS) with the Platform through a system called Clever. Learn more about Clever data requirements.
  2. Teachers can create courses themselves and students can enroll using manual sign-up codes.

To determine which option is best, please refer the following recommendations: 

 We recommend Clever when:  We recommend sign-up codes when:
  • A large percentage (or all) of your student population is participating in the Summit Learning Platform
  • Automating teacher/student account creation and section management will be convenient
  • Teachers don't need to update section information manually
  • You have a designated technology administrator at your school who can help you with SIS/Clever issues
  • A small percentage of your student population is participating in the Summit Learning Platform
  • You don't have an SIS
  • You don't have a lot of control over your SIS
  • You have classrooms with students in multiple grade levels (ex: 5th/6th-grade split class)

Learn more about Clever enrollment and signup code enrollment.

Note: By default, your setup checklist will include action items for sign-up code enrollment. Please email us or set up a time to speak with us if you'd like to switch to using Clever. We'll get back to you within one business day.

Note for sites running summer school:  You won't be able to create new sections for the next academic school year until summer school is complete.

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