How are Cognitive Skills Scores Translated into Percentage Grades?

We've made updates to how Cognitive Skill scores are translated into percentage grades. To read more about the changes, please click here

Cognitive Skills scores make up 70% of a student’s grade in non-math courses, while Cognitive Skills scores make up 30% of a student’s grade in math courses. Keep in mind that Cognitive Skills scores are weighted based on how many times they are assessed in a course. For example, if a Cognitive Skill is assessed 3 times in a course across different Projects, then the score will count in a student’s grade 3 times. Only the highest score a student receives for each cognitive skill in a course will count in a student’s grade.

Students can receive a score between 1-8 on each Cognitive Skill, where 8 is considered pre-professional. The Cognitive Skills score is then mapped to a percentage grade based on this rubric, which is determined by grade level:


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