Instructions for Submitting the Partnership Agreement

How to Review, Sign, and Return the Partnership Agreement

Follow these steps to review, sign, and return the Partnership Agreement:

  1. Review the Participation Agreement with the appropriate stakeholders at your school and district/CMO.

  2. Print and sign the agreement. (Note: Please make sure that the person who signs the agreement is an authorized signatory for your school.)

  3. Scan the agreement and save the soft copy in the appropriate location for your records.

  4. Click here to upload and submit the signed agreement using these steps:

    1. Upload the signed agreement by clicking “Choose File”

    2. Enter your School ID (this should be in the email you received with the Partnership Agreement)

    3. Hit “Save”.  

If your agreement is uploaded successfully, you will see a success message on screen. You can also expect to receive a confirmation email within two business days.

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