Summer Training Travel, Lodging, and Financial Aid FAQs


Please review the FAQs below. If you have additional questions about travel, lodging, and/or financial aid, please contact the Events Team at


What costs does Summit cover for Summer Training?
See below for a full list of expenses covered/not covered.

  • Summit will provide three meals a day at our training locations for all participants.
  • Funding for travel and lodging is available for participants based on our business rules.
  • Transportation to/from the airport and the hotel and transportation to/from the training venue (when applicable).

What are the business rules about who qualifies for financial aid for travel and lodging?

The following business rules apply for both School Leader Training and Full Team Training:

Travel & Lodging Business Rules:

  • School is 50+ miles from the training venue - Summit will provide hotel night stays.
  • School is 200+ miles from the training venue - Summit will provide round-trip air travel and hotel night stays.

Note: Schools have been pre-qualified by Summit based on these business rules. If you do not receive a registration email with travel and/or lodging information, your school did not qualify.

How many people can be covered by this financial aid?

Summit can provide financial support for all participants confirmed through the pre-registration process (see Summer Training Participation article). If your school qualifies, each person from your team will receive an email with a link to register for training along with instructions on booking flights and/or lodging.

How do I book flights and reserve lodging if I am receiving financial aid?

Please be advised that we do not reimburse for travel or lodging booked outside of our booking process. Within 3-business days of receiving your confirmation to attend summer training, we will send registration information.

  • For qualifying schools - The email will contain flight and/or lodging booking details. If your school qualifies for lodging, the email will include a hotel survey. Complete the survey and we will book the hotel reservation for you. If your school qualifies for flights, follow the instructions to book through Concur Solutions.
  • For non-qualifying schools - The email will only contain registration information.

What if my school does not qualify for financial aid?

If your school does not qualify for financial aid based on our business rules, but you would like to stay at the hotel, you will need to book reservations on your own.


Does Summit provide ground transportation?

Yes. Summit will arrange ground transportation. This may be either a shuttle or Uber/Lyft codes. Ground transportation includes:

  • Airport to the hotel on the day you arrive
  • To and from the training venue (if the training is not taking place at the hotel)
  • To the airport on your final day of training
    • If the training is taking place at a training venue (instead of the hotel), you will be picked up from the training venue and taken to the airport.

Please note: Transportation is arranged based on your flight arrival and departure times and includes enough time to get to the airport and takes into account traffic delays.


When will we fly in and out of each training?

Plan to fly into your designated city one-day prior to your training start date and fly out on the day the training ends (e.g. Training dates: July 11-14  --->  Travel days: July 10 - fly in  //  July 14 - fly out). See below for a basic agenda with recommended flight times.

Travel Tips - Booking your Return Flight:

  • To allow enough time to get to the airport, it is recommended that you book return flights no earlier than 5:00 pm.
  • If you are flying out of a large metropolitan city it is strongly recommended that you book return flights no earlier than 6:00 pm.
  • If there are no flights available after 5:00 pm or the ticket cost is exceptionally high, please choose an earlier time that allows you to attend the majority of the final day of training.

Note: Summit will provide lodging that corresponds to your training dates (i.e. 3-night stay for School Leader Training, 4-night stay for Full Team Training). If you choose to book travel outside of those dates, you will be responsible for booking your own hotel accommodations for the additional days. Please make a note of this when booking flights that require approval.

Sample Agenda: School Leader Training

It is recommended that you fly in one-day prior to training. Flights out should be booked for the same day training ends (Day 3).

Session 1: Fly in 6/25  --  Fly out 6/28
Session 2: Fly in 6/27  --  Fly out 6/30

Day Before 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Fly In

Full Day

Community Dinner

Full Day

Full Day

Fly Out (after 5 pm)

Sample Agenda: Full Team Training

It is recommended that you fly in one-day prior to training. Flights out should be booked for the same day training ends (Friday).






Fly in

Full Day

Community Dinner

Full Day

Full Day

Full Day

Fly Out (after 5 pm)


What if my flights cost $400+ and require approval?

If your flight requires approval, please use this Step-by-Step Guide as a resource.

Can I arrange my flight to stay longer before/after the training?

When booking flights through our system, you are welcome to look for flights that would allow you to stay longer - the only restriction is that the flight that you book must be of equal or lesser value to flights for the specific days of the training, and go into/out of the preferred airports.

Note: Summit does not cover lodging before/after the training. You will be responsible for booking your own accommodations outside of what is provided by Summit. To expedite your approval request, please note that you are aware you will need to book your own lodging for the additional day(s).

How can I get support booking flights?

Gant Travel Management is the official travel coordinator for Summer Training. Please contact Gant for support with booking.

  • Agent support: (224) 205-4714 | Toll-free: (877) 924-0304
  • After-Hours support: (224) 205-4714, press #4
  • Regular business hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm CST.



How do I book my hotel?

If your school qualifies for financial aid, you would have received instruction on how to book your hotel in an email that also provided links to register for your training session.

To book your hotel, complete the hotel survey. Based on your answers, Summit will book your room for you. Hotel confirmation emails will be sent two weeks prior to the start of training.

Note: We do ask attendees to share rooms. You will have the opportunity to note your roommate preference on the hotel survey.

Can I bring my spouse, significant other, or family member with me?

If you would like to bring your spouse, significant other, or family member with you, you would need to book your own hotel accommodations since we do ask attendees to share rooms. Please note, we are only able to provide meals for Summer Training attendees.


Covered Not Covered
  • Transportation to/from airport and hotel (within the travel dates for the event)
  • Transportation to/from hotel and training venue (when applicable)
  • Hotel stay -- up to 3-nights for School Leader Training, up to 4-nights for Full Team Training (qualified schools only)
  • Round trip airfare (qualified schools only)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during training days (no dinner on the final day of training)
  • Parking at the hotel/training venue
  • Standard wifi in hotel guest rooms
  • Transportation from home to airport
  • Transportation outside of the travel dates for the event
  • Hotel stays beyond the nights provided by Summit 
  • Hotel stays booked outside of the Summit booking process
  • Hotel stays for non-qualified schools
  • Flights purchased outside of the Concur Solutions booking system
  • Luggage fees
  • Flight change/cancellation fees
  • Rental cars, Uber, Taxi, or Lyft (unless provided by Summit)
  • Gas and mileage reimbursements
  • Salaries for staff attending training
  • Meals for non-Summer Training attendees
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