Enrollment and Onboarding Process Overview


Enrollment and Onboarding Activities- Month-by-Month View

We are incredibly excited to be a partner with you on this journey. Our team will be working with you throughout the spring and summer to set you up for a successful school year. Here is a high-level timeline of the enrollment and onboarding activities that you can expect to work through each month.

Note: The timeline below is approximate and will vary based on when your school is accepted into the program.

 To Do Now!

  • Complete the Summer Training Survey. 
    • This survey serves as a pre-registration process for Summer Training.
  • Begin set up of Clever
    • You should receive more information about this via email
    • If you have decided to do manual enrollment instead, we will support you in setting this up in April.
    • Questions? Submit them here.
  • Review and sign the Program Participation Agreement
    • You should have received this agreement via email. Please reach out to Maris Yanow at myanow@summitps.org if you did not receive it.


  1. Register for Summer Training (late April)
    • Have questions now about travel/lodging? Email events@summitbasecamp.org
  2. Set up the Summit Learning Platform (mid-April)
  3. Communicate your participation in the program to your school communities (e.g. parents, staff, Board)*
  4. Begin Summer Training Pre-Work
    • School Leaders will be asked to complete pre-work around topics such as curriculum standards alignment, school schedule, and parent engagement in order to get the most out of the June School Leader Training.

*We ask that you refrain from talking about your participation in the program to anyone until after you have signed the partnership agreement and we’ve provided additional guidance and resources.


  1. Continue to work on Summer Training Pre-Work


  1. Attend School Leader Summer Training
    • June 26-28 or June 28-30 (Northern California)


  1. Attend Full Team Summer Training 
    • July 11-14 or July 18-21 or July 25-28 (various locations)


  1. Finalize student onboarding plan
  2. Prepare for first day of school (various activities)
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