Summer Training Dates and Locations

School Leader Week
Dates: Session 1: June 26-28 or Session 2: June 28-30 (participants may select either session as space allows)
Location: Richmond, CA


During this time, school leaders will prepare a vision for their site implementation and will lay the groundwork for teacher summer training and an effective launch in the fall. School leaders will create an initial plan for community and district buy-in, consider optimizing their schedule for Summit Learning, establish policies that support Summit Learning, prepare to coach their team of teachers during Full Team Week, and meet their Summit Learning Program mentor. There will be separate tracks for new Summit Learning schools and current Summit Learning schools that are adding additional Grade Level Teams.

Full Team Week
Regions, Locations, Recommended States

Mid-South - Burlington, KY (GA, KY, MO, OH, TN, NC, SC)
Northern California - Richmond, CA (CA, HI, NV)
Oklahoma - Tulsa, OK (OK)
Texas - Pasadena, TX (TX)

Arkansas - Little Rock, AR (AL, AR)
Gulf - New Orleans, LA (FL, LA)
Midwest - Chicago, IL (IL, IN, OH, MI, MN, WI)
Rockies/West - Denver, CO (CO, IA, ID, MT, WY)
Southern California - Los Angeles, CA (CA, HI, AZ, NV, NM)

Mid-Atlantic - Arlington, VA (DC, MD, VA)
New England - Providence, RI (CT, MA, RI, VT)
Pacific NW - Spokane, WA (WA, AK, OR)
Texas - Pasadena, TX (TX)
Tri-State - Newark, NJ (NY, NJ, PA)


  • This week will introduce teachers to the elements of Summit Learning and support them in their development of the following competencies:
    • Plan, facilitate, and assess project based learning.
    • Plan for and facilitate Personalized Learning Time.
    • Plan for and facilitate one-on-one mentoring.
    • (Math only) Plan, facilitate, and assess Math Concept Units.
    • Ensure curriculum meets local standards and appropriate horizontal and vertical alignment. 
    • Build and maintain norms and structures aligned to Summit Learning.

School Leaders

  • School leaders play a critical role during this week as they lead their team in understanding the vision for what Summit Learning will look like in their school context and provide coaching support and feedback as the teacher team builds instructional plans.  


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