Summer Training Participation

We are looking forward to working with you and your team at Summer Training this year! Summer Training is a critical part of the Summit Learning Program. It is the opportunity for teams new to Summit Learning to prepare for a successful launch. We have learned from previous participants that we must work collaboratively to determine the right people from the school and district team to attend Summer Training. We are asking for your help to understand your school’s implementation context better so we can make a personalized recommendation about who to bring to Summer Training. For this reason, we are asking each School Leader (or their designee) to fill out a Summer Training Survey as soon as possible:


What should I know before I fill out the survey?

  • Please fill out only one survey per school. You can fill it out yourself or ask another member of the Summit Learning team to do so.
  • You will be asked to submit the following type of information:
    • Role/Contact Information
      • Names, roles, and email addresses for teachers, school-site leaders/coaches, and district/CMO-level leaders/coaches who will be involved in Summit Learning next year. If there are certain staff members who have not been hired yet you can indicate that on the survey.
    • Student Enrollment and Summit Learning Participation Projections
      • Current projections of how many students will be participating in Summit Learning in relevant grade levels and the overall number of students in those grade levels
    • Summer Training Preferences
      • Date/region preferences for School Leader Training and Full Team Training weeks (see that information below)
    • Curriculum Information
      • The standards that your curriculum is aligned to in core content areas

What happens after I fill out the survey?
Your survey responses will allow us to quickly:

  • Confirm the Summer Training session preferences you indicate.
  • Let you know if you qualify for financial aid for travel and lodging based on our business rules (please see below).
  • Provide you with a personalized recommendation about who to bring to Summer Training. If you would like to discuss our recommendation further we will be happy to do so.

What does the rest of the Summer Training Registration process look like? 
At the end of April, each Summer Training attendee that we confirm through this survey process will receive information about how to formally register for the event and book travel/lodging through our system (if applicable). 




Should I attend Summer Training during my region’s specifically assigned dates? What if I cannot attend that round?

In addition to learning strategies to implement Summit Learning, Summer Training is a key opportunity to form relationships with other Summit Learning educators from your region.  For this reason, we highly recommend that your team attends during your region’s designated dates, if at all possible. However, If your team is unable to attend your region’s designated dates, you may attend another round of Summer Training as space allows. 

What if my team cannot attend summer training at all?

Our current Summit Learning partner schools report that team participation in Summer Training was critical to their success. If your team is unable to attend all Summer Training options, we recommend that you send key members of the team who can train the rest of the team. We recommend that you block out time on your site before school begins for those team members to lead that training.


What if members of my team cannot attend every day of training? Can we come for part of it?

We highly recommend that team members attend the full training experience. However, it is better to have a team member miss a day or two than miss the entire experience.


Does my whole team need to come to in-person Summer Training on the same weeks, or can we come on different weeks?

We highly recommend that team members attend the full training experience together. There will be multiple opportunities to build team culture and to work as a team to develop common structures and norms, which we have found is critical to the team’s success.


Who should attend Summer Training?

We will provide a personalized recommendation about who to bring to Summer Training based on the information you give us in the Summer Training Survey. However, here is some general guidance about the type of roles that each part of the training is appropriate for:



School Leader Week

Full Team Week

School Leader

School Instructional Leader or Coach

District Instructional Leader or Coach




What is a “School Leader”?

  • ‘School Leader’ refers to faculty members who will lead the team’s implementation of Summit Learning, and who also have authority over stakeholder communication, scheduling, and structural decisions. (ex. Principal, Assistant Principal, Executive Director, Assistant Director, etc.)


What is a “School-based Instructional Coach/Leader”?

  • ‘School-based Instructional Coach/Leader’ refers to school faculty members who will be providing ongoing supervision, coaching, and professional development for teachers. This may include instructional coaches, instructional technology coaches, assistant directors, assistant principals, curriculum specialists, etc.

What is a “District-based Instructional Coach/Leader”?

  • ‘District-based Instructional Coach/Leader’ refers to district staff in roles involving instructional leadership, coaching, curriculum development, instructional technology, etc. that will be supporting the school team(s)’ work.


What teachers should come to summer training?

Teachers from all core classes in new Grade Level Team(s) (GLT)(s) should attend Full Team Week.

  • Teachers are faculty members who will lead implementation of personalized learning in their classroom through project-based learning, facilitation of competency-based progression, and mentoring. We recommend that all core content teachers attend Summer Training together.
  • Special educators and ESL teachers who will support students in a Summit Learning classroom are also encouraged to attend.
  • Teaching roles include English teachers, science teachers, history teachers, math teachers, Spanish teachers, special educators, ESL teachers, etc.



Should new teachers on returning GLTs and new administrators that support returning GLTs attend summer training?

Yes. We want to ensure that educators who will be new to implementing Summit Learning this Fall are able to attend Summer Training. Additionally, returning School Leaders with teachers and/or administrators that will be new to Summit Learning are encouraged to attend Summer Training with them (School Leader Training with new administrator(s) and/or Full Team Training with new teacher(s)) in order give context on what implementation looks like at his/her school setting).


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