What does an effective support ticket look like?

We love hearing from you, and we’ll do our best to resolve any issues you may be experiencing as quickly as possible. Submitting an effective help ticket not only reduces the number of questions we need to ask you but allows us to provide you the support you need.

For errors or problems, you encounter while using the Summit Learning platform, please include:

  • Specific links to the part of the platform you're looking at (ex: Projects, Focus Areas)
  • Screenshots
  • Name and, if possible, email address of the teacher or student involved with the issue
  • The scope of the problem (ex: Is the issue affecting your whole school? Has the issue been occurring for a long period of time?)

For new Summit Learning platform feature suggestions:

  • Explain how the new feature might improve your experience on the platform (ex: Would the feature save time? Would it help you better group students for scaffolding?)
  • Screenshots
  • If you’ve discussed these suggestions with other teachers using the platform, encourage them to write a help ticket, as well. Keep in mind that we consider the number of requests we receive to help prioritize which features we'll build in the future.
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